Any casino player will say that online Roulette in Canada is one of the most interesting and exciting games. The game is conducted by the dealer — his/her task is to launch the ball in the opposite direction of the wheel rotation. Passing its way, the ball must make at least 3 turns around the disk and land on one of the numbered sectors.

The popularity of this game with a dealer is also related to the fact that such entertainment is very dynamic and you can use the strategy or tactics that are described in an online Roulette guide or your personal ones. Although the luck is needed here, a quite experienced, the player can calculate and predict his/her moves.

Online Roulette guide — how to play the game?

As the game in a real casino, the virtual variant of the game suggests the same numbering of cells. They are assigned numbers from 1 to 36 in red and black colors. The colors alternate in turns and the numbers are scattered. The first cell in order is red.

In addition, there is a specific green cell called Zero. In some Canadian casinos, there are duplicated green Zero sectors. They can be recognized by the number 0, and duplicated ones — by two zeros. All you need to start the wheel rotation is to push the Start button — here, even without the knowledge of the best online Roulette guide recommendations, each one will understand it soon after starting gambling.

Variations of Roulette

There are several types of this exciting game. You can pick an American, European, French Roulette online. Some of them do not have a Zero sector.

In the American version, you need to bet on 5 numbers at once.

In the European one, the field is divided into three sectors, for each of which fast bets are made.

European type

European free online Roulette has 37 sectors (from 1 to 36). Zero is able to give the basic advantage of the casino in the online format. All bets instantly lose when the ball falls on Zero.

This approach brings the casino a certain percentage of winnings (2.7%) of the bets placed on European Roulettes.

American type

This type of roulette has 38 sectors (from 1 to 36, including double Zero, 00). Thus, according to the online Roulette guide, here, the bets are lost, if Zero or Double Zero drops out.

In this type of roulette, the casino advantage is 5.26%. In this regard, American roulette is less popular with players.

French Roulette

It has 37 sectors on the disc, as well as the European one. This type of roulette dominates many French casinos and in Canadian casinos as well, as many French live in this country.

When Zero appears here, a gambling site can offer a special compensation, that is, half of its initial bet, to a player who has bet on this sector. It is this nuance that makes French Roulette so popular and profitable for players.

Roulettes without Zero

Sometimes, you can play Roulette online in Canada.

Their difference from other varieties of roulettes lies in the fact that there is no Zero on the game disc, that is, there are only 36 sectors on it.

HD Roulette

It is almost the same European roulette.

Nevertheless, many players fell in love with it for the fact that the camera shoots its work (it can be observed in real time). The real dealer is responsible for its launch — he/she can even be a quick guide, the best real live online Roulette guide.

Strategies in Canadian online Roulette

Players here can play according to their own strategy. There are many of them. Most gambling specialists succeeded and became famous precisely because they adhered to the strategy and used a certain technique.

With a spontaneous game without any strategy, the casino’s profit is consistently 1.3-5.3%. That is, the player will not lose much, but the playing site will still win. Tactics can slightly affect the result of the game.

The most popular systems that are successfully used by players are quite simple but interesting. There are systems of Donald-Nathanson, D’Alembert, Martingale, and others. The latter is used more often than others. The online Roulette guide mentions also the “theory of large numbers” and the curious “chaos theory”.

Rules and tips of online Roulette

However, in addition to virtual recordings and online Roulette guide, have a small notebook in which you can make your own entries regarding games or mark the size of your deposit bonus. So, remember these tips:

  • Real recordings track your moves, and identify successful and losing combinations;
  • Do not ignore intuition as well. Besides using online Roulette guide, listen to you – it helps sometimes;
  • Do not use exactly those numeric combinations that were not used in the game. It will decrease the chances of a successful game outcome.

The most transparent game

Online Roulette is the most transparent game. In real gambling establishments, incidents sometimes occur. A mechanical tape sometimes loses its concentration, its mechanism is abraded or other defects are formed. Attentive players take note of this and use games in their system.

However, if a gambler needs a transparent and fair play, they will be more satisfied with online Roulette, you can play it for free on some Canadian playing resources before you place a real bet. You can try to apply one of the system approach options and see what happens. You can also decide which type of Roulette is preferable. Any of the varieties described is very popular and brings substantial profit, both to the players and online casinos.